When science turns to laughter!

Scientists are increasingly sharing the human side of their research with hilarious results. Showing experiments that don’t go the way they should, the scientific community has taken to twitter its failed experiments. On the hashtags #fieldworkfail and #overlyhonestmethods, the hitherto unspoken side of science is revealed – the embarrassing times when things go awry. Here are DiscovHER’s favorite stories from women scientists!

There is hazards when working with the animal kingdom #FieldWorkFail

#FieldWorkFail is a laugh-out-loud hashtag where scientists, largely biologists and zoologists, are sharing the biggest mishaps that are happening out in the field. There’s humor in the truly unpredictable nature of fieldwork – particularly when it involves nature’s finest animals. From being chased by bulls or bitten by snake while demonstrating the experiment is “safe”, the fieldwork sometime shows humorous shift in the situation.

Bethany Harvey ‏@bethanyharvey Aug 24

Estelle Dominati ‏@stella_domi Aug 9

Emily Kumpel ‏@EmilyImli Aug 23

Catherine(CJ)Goodson@c8tJANE Aug 26

The honest side of research #overlyhonestmethods

On the hashtag #overlyhonestmethods, the hitherto unspoken side of science is revealed.

The experiments that are forgotten or just left for the amount of time it takes to make a cup of tea or for holidays when scientific work is interrupted, create unintentional reactions. More than entertaining, the scientific world seems more real and accessible when scientists admit they make mistakes like everyone does.

Brittany Bennett ‏@GreenwoodBritt Aug 28

Kaidi Liu ‏@kaidey Aug 11

Julia ‏@Julia_Shmoolia Jul 29

Rebecca Koelln ‏@bex236 Sep 2

What a stupid name #Stupidcommonnames

On #Stupidcommonnames, biologists share the common names of animal species that make little sense or no sense at all. For example, the flying fox isn’t a bat and the glow-worm isn’t a worm. This is #infotainment - the hashtag where you’ll learn something you probably didn’t already know.

Melissa C. Márquez ‏@mcmsharksxx Sep 1 

Cath ‏@Baroque97 Sep 1 

Leolupus ‏@Leolupus79 Sep 1

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