The STEM Girl’s Gift Guide

Combating women’s underrepresentation in the sciences must start at an early age. Many young girls love science and mathematics but sometimes find it difficult to connect with these passions, as the media and toy companies tend to target scientific products to boys. In order to allow girls who love science to develop their passion, DiscovHER presents, just like last year, a selection of the best Christmas gift ideas for budding girl scientists.

1. Roominate

This toy company was founded by Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen, two Stanford engineers who were inspired to pursue this path thanks to their childhood toys. Their toys aim to develop the spatial and problem-solving skills girls’ toys usually fail to address, and to give girls more confidence with technology. Aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 10, Roominate’s toys allow them to build structures and connect circuits while having fun.

2. Green Energy Toys

Eddy Hendriks’ company creates toys that are both educational and green! Run on solar power, these toys allow children to learn about light and time, construction, recycling and of course, solar energy.

DiscovHER recommends this Clean Water Science Kit, which allows children to purify water and disinfect it using solar energy. A great gift for any young ecologist in the making!

3. Smart Lab Toys

Smart Lab Toys, a multiple award-winning toymaker, creates toys that encourage the development of STEAM skills in children: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. It offers a wide range of kits designed to get adults and children playing together.

DiscovHER is a fan of Smart Circuits, a kit that allows children to build a range of gadgets, such as a motion-sensor, an electronic drum kit or an electronic quiz game. As well as batteries, a microprocessor, wires and other parts, it also includes a detailed instruction guide for creating 50 circuit configurations. An excellent choice for future electrical engineers!

4. Bright Minds

Bright Minds’ slogan is “learning is fun,” and DiscovHER is certainly convinced of that when looking at this toy company’s fantastic range of products! Founded by a former teacher who wanted to “set off a spark in children’s minds,” Bright Minds offers a wide range of educational toys.

DiscovHER was particularly impressed by this chemistry set, containing a range of chemicals, test tubes, a burner – and not to forget safety goggles! Its instruction manual teaches children how to conduct a range of experiments as well as the theory behind them. This kit is suitable for children over the age of 11.

What gift would you buy for girls who love science? Share your thoughts @4womeninscience.

For Women in Science

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