The Owner of Climate in Argentina

Argentina was the third country in the world to create a weather service and the first in South America. But, it took 142 years for the Argentine Meteorological Service to name a woman as Director. Celeste Saulo has not only made history in her own country, but has also joined only a handful of women in two centuries to achieve this top position worldwide.

Meteorology has made great strides as a science and has also positioned itself as a tool to understand the challenges of today’s climate changes. Celeste Saulo's appointment is an excellent step in connecting the scientific level with the operational level of service. It is a rare occurrence that a scientist is chosen to head a Meteorological Service, and it is even rarer that a woman is selected.

Celeste Saulo trained as a Meteorologist at the University of Buenos Aires, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology, and later, her doctorate. "My past, my experience and my passion for meteorology are the basis on which I accepted the challenge of leading the National Meteorological Service," said the scientist.

Science at the service of the people

"What is most important (beyond being male or female) is understanding that science should serve the people. For that to be possible we must want to interpret what society needs" Dr. Saulo explains.

Upon taking office as director of the SMN (Servicio Meteorológico Nacional), Celeste Saulo gave a clear message about the importance of meteorological knowledge and how it impacts decision-making, not only at an individual level, but also in state policies. At the ceremony, Celeste Saulo was presented by the Argentina’s Minister of Defense, the engineer Agustín Rossi, who highlighted her energy and spoke of his confidence that she will be able to carry out the necessary changes to re-position Argentina as having one of the best meteorological services in the world once again.

The future of the field

In recent years, Argentina has seen a slight increase in the number of graduates in the meteorological sciences, but the number is still far from being sufficient for the country’s needs.

As Director of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and Oceans in the Faculty of Natural Sciences, at the University of Buenos Aires, Celeste participated in the creation of a system of grants to help train future scientists in atmospheric sciences, sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, the University of Buenos Aires and the Servicio Meteorológico Nacional, where she will be able to continue promoting the development of future scientists in this area.

"Women have played an important role in this scientific field for a long time and they will continue to occupy an important position in the future. Depending on the age range, there are even more women than men in the meteorological sciences! "

For Women in Science

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