The first Maison Rose opens in Bordeaux thanks to L’Oréal Foundation’s support

On 1st February 2016, Rose Magazine opened the doors of its first Maison Rose in Bordeaux thanks to Fondation L’Oréal’s support. This space, dedicated to the quality of life and well-being of women with cancer, both during and after their treatment, is the first of its kind in France.

Through its beauty programme “Beauty for a Better Life” created in 2007 , the Fondation L’Oréal supports vulnerable women on the path to healing or reintegration with beauty and well-being treatments, to help them regain their fighting spirit, dignity and self-worth. As an extension of this mission, Fondation L’Oréal wanted to support the creation of Maison Rose in Bordeaux.

Chatting, tips and workshops

With the aim of providing free access to all women affected by cancer, Maison Rose is a place for sharing, offering workshops and advice to support them in their everyday life.

Closely resembling the Rose Magazine brand, the Maison Rose is a venue for meeting, exchange and discovery. It is based around different spaces (that you can explore on Pinterest ) all of which reflect the essence of Rose Magazine:

The chatting room: to encourage socialising, sharing, meeting.

Rose’s tips: to discover facts, gather information, to find available support systems and useful contacts in Bordeaux and the surrounding areas.

Rose workshops: to recharge your batteries, to reclaim your body, to get back on track, to understand the changes experienced and prepare for the return to everyday life.

The ideal house for the women concerned

The essence of Rose Magazine is not lacking in this house: femininity, fighting spirit and unity. It is designed to meet the needs of women who have lived through, or still live with, cancer.

For Céline Dupré, co-founder of Rose Magazine:

Every room in this house was designed in collaboration with women affected by cancer. We carried out a large survey on our website and had over 500 responses and we met women on cancer wards: they all described the ideal house for them during their illness and we used their views as inspiration. In its creation, we followed the same direction that we take with Rose Mag: to retain femininity during illness and to provide free access - all that is now offered in a house! If the house is as successful as the magazine, we’ll have to open more! 

Find out more about the Rose Association

The Rose Association is a not-for-profit organisation (according to the French 1901 charities law), founded on 3 elements: 

To defend the rights of patients, especially the right to oblivion. 

To provide services to the patients thanks to the Maison Rose. 

To inform women and men diagnosed with cancer through the twice-yearly publication of Rose Magazine (in May and October, 180,000 copies); one Blu magazine (50,000 copies) published in November and distributed free of charge in France’s 1,100 cancer wards; a website that brings together the largest community of unwell women.

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