Pint of Science Festival: Bringing Science to the Pub

If we told you that it was possible to learn about science while drinking a pint in a pub would you believe us? « Pint of Science », a non-profit organisation involving scientists on a voluntary basis, made it possible! DiscovHER interviewed Elodie Chabrol, the Director for Pint of Science France to learn more!

Can you explain the "Pint of Science" concept?

Pint of Science is a group of scientists in a bar explaining current scientific concepts in a relaxed manner – the over-riding idea is that you have a good evening! 

How did you come up with this idea?

The Pint of Science founders, Drs Paul and Motskin, noticed, after an open day in their lab in London, that people were really interested in science… but it was difficult to access the lab, so they decided to take the science out of the lab and into a convivial venue: a bar.

What kind of person participates in your events?

A lot of scientists attend because they are interested in science, but also members of the general public - more and more each year! And generally all age groups are represented. 

What do you think about the inequality between the genders in science? Can your initiative help to resolve this problem?

Science is a world that appears to be very masculine, it’s difficult to think of a name of a famous female researcher (apart from Marie Curie), whereas the names of famous male scientists come to mind straightaway. I believe that this inequality originates in the fact that this domain is not well-understood and the more we introduce science to the public, the more people will see that it is not a sector reserved only for men. Scientific communication in this form allows people to meet scientists, especially female scientists (who join in with the event or who are part of the Pint of Science team), which can help. We have to inspire young girls to follow our career path!

How can “Pint of Science” encourage scientific vocations?

I think that many people believe that scientists are not much fun, that they are a different species, wearing white coats and big glasses. But meeting real scientists in a relaxed atmosphere shows people that scientists are very pleasant and normal people. That might seem to be a cliché but unfortunately it is the case. 

I remember speaking to a young girl who was studying medicine because she thought that the lab environment was not for her, that it was too boring… She told me that if she’d known that labs were filled with people like me, she would have done science!

So, to answer your question, I think that Pint of Science breaks down prejudices and can encourage people to do what we are doing!

The Pint of Science festival takes place over three days in the evenings of Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th May 2015. It happens simultaneously in the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, USA, Spain, Germany and Australia. Find out more on their website:

For Women in Science

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