Aziliz Lecomte "Neuroprosthetics and the brain, together for better"

Fellow 2016 L'Oréal-Unesco For Women In Science, Aziliz Lecomte is working on a new generation of reliable neuroprosthetics. Let's discover her portrait.

Thanks to a device implanted in the brain (a neuroprosthetic), a patient with serious motor deficiencies will soon be able to use connected objects with one thought action. “Patients suffering from a major motor disorder (paraplegia, locked-in syndrome) would be able to regain autonomy via a very high-resolution Brain-Machine Interface. They will be able to, for example, ‘move’ a robotic arm with thought”, says Aziliz Lecomte, currently carrying out her PhD at the Toulouse Laboratory for Systems Analysis and Architecture. However, the materials traditionally used in these implants – silicon, tungsten – often result in immune rejection mechanism by the organism. For her thesis, the young PhD student aims to design a new generation of reliable neuroprosthetics, which are more flexible thanks to the use of biomaterials that allow better contact between neurons and reduce the immune rejection mechanism. The implant is thus designed on a substrate made of biocompatible polymer, Parylene C, over which electrodes are spread. To facilitate the implant, Aziliz Lecomte has added a rigid biodegradable material made of silk fibrion, which has been used in surgery in biodegradable stitches for many years. Pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo trials are very encouraging. These advances are eagerly awaited by some 35,000 paraplegics in France, whose age averages around 30 years old.

Let's discover her performance:

For Women in Science

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