7 bright young scientific minds recognized by Forbes

There are so many young, bright minds who are changing the world through their science every day. From fundamental research to scientific education, young people are finding news ways to make positive impacts. Forbes magazine recently recognized 30 of these inspiring young scientists under 30. Among them are seven impressive young women. DiscovHER is taking a look at these scientists and the work they are doing.

Corina Antal, 29

Corina is a Research Assistant at Salk Institute for Biological Studies, a private, non-profit research organization dedicated to fundamental research in biology. Her recent research could have a strong impact on cancer treatments, as she, along with her team, discovered that a group of enzymes (Protein Kinase C), which have been thought to promote cancer progression, actually suppress growth of cancerous tumors.

Qian Chen, 29

Qian is a materials scientist and Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her research mainly focuses on understanding soft matter, which have their own “intelligence”. The goal is to emulate Nature intelligence in order to make materials that could self-replicate, self-generate and evolve on their own.

Taylor Feehley, 26

Taylor is a PhD Candidate and immunology researcher at the University of Chicago. Her research, which focuses on how gut bacteria interact with the immune system, could have strong implications for those who suffer from food allergies. It has the potential to prevent, or even reverse, food allergies, which we think is pretty cool!

Sara Guthals, 27

Sara is working to educate kids and teach them how to program. She co-founded a company called ThoughtSTEM, which is a leader in computer science education and program for children ages 8-18. She is also an education researcher and looks at how best to teach computer science and which methods are most effective. She is using her passion and knowledge to motivate the next generation of scientists!

Embriette Hyde, 28

Embriette is a postdoctoral associate at UCSD and studies the microbiome and its relationship to health and disease. Her work could have a significant impact on individuals’ health, but she isn’t stopping there. She is also involved in the American Gut Project, which is one of the largest crowd sourced, citizen science projects in the country, aimed at understanding the connections between the human micobiome and health. Through her science and her public relations work, she is helping to spread the word and motivate the general public to also get involved!

Dieuwertie Kast, 27

Educating the next generation of scientists is Dieuwertje’s goal. From teaching kindergarten to 12th grade, she is helping to impact, motivate and inspire young kids to discover scientific topics and careers. She is also preparing a trip to the Arctic for the PolarTREC program, where teachers spend 3-6 weeks in the polar regions researching and gaining experience for their classrooms.

Iliana Vargas, 28

Iliana, a PhD Candidate at Northwestern University, is a cognitive neuroscientist who is focused on how memories develop. She’s been interested in the brain and neural processes since she was 17 years old and she is now working with how certain sounds may improve people’s memories while they sleep. In the long run, she is hoping to find ways to improve our capacity to learn.

These 7 women are already making an impact in their specific fields, and working to inspire younger generations!

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